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Hey, it’s all about having fun … matching wits against other baseball fans and reliving baseball’s wonderful past … and seeing what could be. Oliver Wendell Holmes, the famed U.S. Supreme Court Justice, once wrote that the four saddest words were “It might have been.” He may have had a point in other life situations, but at Diamond Mind Online® we think those four words are what makes the game great!

Like real baseball, it’ll sometimes be frustrating and other times glorious. Experiment. Enjoy. If things don’t seem as you think they should or you lost when you thought you should win, re-examine. Learn. You can also seek out help and advice on the message boards. We provide several forums there for you to participate and become part of the Imagine Sports community!

Also, please know that we appreciate your business – we’re glad you’re here! We love baseball ourselves and want you to love playing this game, so we'll never stop trying to improve and refresh the game with new features, players, eras, and salaries. We constantly conduct new research in an effort to improve our simulation. Our customer service will be what you should expect - respectful, helpful, and prompt, and customer satisfaction will be our number one priority. We will always strive to make this game the best value for your money. Period. If you tried all of our normal channels but still feel you did not get the service you deserve, go straight to the top – email

Finally, your suggestions and input are always welcome. If you have an idea to improve the game or some feature you’d like to see added, please send it to We can’t reply to every such email, but we read every single one of them without fail.

And now…

It’s time to make some history of your own…


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